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June 19

We woke up and had a nice breakfast. We went up to our rooms and gathered our belongings. We were heading out. Before we left, we stepped into the pharmacy for goodbyes. The lady gave us each a hug. I guess that although we hardly interacted with them, she still liked us. We met at the clinic from where we all drove to the Manatee Rehabilitation Center. Wow was the introduction long. After it was over, we got to meet Lizzy, the manatee they have in rehab at the moment. She was bottle fed. After her, we watched as Dr. Isabelle treated an ill barn owl. She was beautiful, but was terribly depressed. As for the howler monkeys, we only got to see them from a window. Before hitting the road back to the lodge, Dr. Isabelle and Dr. Eduardo wanted to stop by that restaurant by the beach one last time for one last plate of Cebiche. I took down my beer bottle with me. I wanted to fill it with sand or shells or something. I found nothing nice enough. I am going to just buy beads at San Ignacio and fill it with that. The ride back to the lodge was a great opportunity to continue reading “The Hunger Games”. When we arrived at the lodge, Bart was there to greet us with a nice “welcome home”. When I think about it, we have created a home here. Now I have two homes, one in El Paso and one in Santa Elena.

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