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June 15

August 11, 2011

It’s our Birthday (Cora’s and mine). It was funky responding to a “Happy B-Day” with another “Happy B-Day”.  Much of today was awkward. Walking down to dinner all the girls and Doctors we work with were saying happy birthday. I was saying thank you at first, but then I started kind of zoning out so I stopped saying thank you to some people and Cora said she felt like she was saying thank you for the both of us.  We de-wormed only about 10 cattle today. We were supposed to do 70, but for some reason we ended up doing only 10. Dr. Eduardo had me vaccinate this very cute puppy as a birthday gift, HAHAJ. After that, Justin took us to look at some Mayan ruins. It was so boring at first because the ruins hadn’t been excavated so all you saw were mounds under which if archeologists dug, they would find pyramids. Justin ended up letting us scatter for a bit at the ruins before going to lunch. Cora climbed a really cool looking tree, and as we tried to hide from the others for a little bit which didn’t end up working, we found some ruins that weren’t just mounds. They were small, but they looked like partially broken pyramids. Chelsea took a picture of us on one of them. After that we went to lunch. Directly after lunch we headed to Dr. Eduardo’s office to watch him amputate a dog’s eye that had popped out and had swollen and infected so much that it couldn’t be popped back in. I took several pictures of that. Cherry was into cutting open the eye with the blade to explore what is inside it, turns out its all gooey, clear, jelly. Well in this case, the jelly was a bit black. We got back to the lodge pretty early. I went to go read by the pool for a little bit. That book is getting so good. After dinner, I was taking some stuff up to our room when I saw many of the girls walking down. Chelsea even ran after me to ask if I was going back down. They made it pretty obvious that something was going on. I said I would. When I got down, they turned off all the lights and one of the ladies from the lodge stepped out of the kitchen with a cake with burning candles. It was yellow cake with chocolate frosting. It was so sweet that all the girls started singing to Cora and I, but Cora wasn’t sitting next to me which I think she should have been 😛 ;). I told her to move next to me, but she didn’t want to. It felt so weird. To say the truth, birthdays have never been my thing. Even from past birthdays when I have gotten a cake at home it just feels so weird. I never feel like I did something special to get a cake. Not like when you get kudos for doing good at a concert, or for graduating, or doing something that makes you earn the good comments. I did miss waking up to that cheesy singing of my dorkey family this morning though. Lesson of the day – just roll with it.


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