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June 14

August 11, 2011

We worked with cows again today. I stuck my hand up a cow’s butt. That was awkwardly interesting. We had to look for the cervix and scoop it up in our hand. But while you had your hand in there, she would suddenly decide it was pooping time. I was lucky enough to not get sprayed with the stuff. Cora and Delayna were not so lucky. They looked a mess. Delayna was making these hilarious expressions as she had her hand in there. She would squint, then concentrate, then question, then be disgusted, then trip out, then laugh, then look like “this is so wrong”.  It was very amusing to watch her – made me laugh a lot. We also de-wormed the cattle. Two got out of the shoot so the men got on horses and lassoed them down while the herding dog barked at the cows to keep them from moving so much. It was so entertaining. And those horses looked so strong. I mean they must have been to be able to pull down a yanking cow that probably weighs more than the horse itself. The first shot Chelsea went to go give, the second I did. I went running to give the shoot, then was told that the cow was not ready so I ran back, then ran again when she was tied correctly, then girly ran it back to the shed once I vaccinated her. It was such a trip. Walking out of the pen was so slippery with the mud and rain and poop, eww. We finished around noon, then we went to go eat at this place that is a gas station, a convenient store but more to the supermarket side (the biggest store I have seen since I have been here), and a restaurant upstairs. After that we went to a tack store where we were looking at all the medications readily available over the counter. These are medications that in the US someone needs a veterinary prescription to buy and some only a veterinarian can buy. This makes it difficult for vets here to have a sustainable job, with everyone doing their own veterinary work. After that we went to go have ice cream made locally. I had Coconut. It was yummy beyond belief. The girls told Dr. Eduardo and Dr. Kirsten that it’s Cora’s and my birthday tomorrow. Dr. Eduardo told us he would take beers with him tomorrow. Coming back to the lodge some girls got in the pool. I decided to go in and try to learn how to swim. I still can’t swim, but I feel a lot more comfortable in the water now. I can do an X laying on my stomach and move my hands to stay afloat. I could also float on my back and although I had done it before at home, it was scarier here. I was still able to stand up if need be though. What I can’t get is this thing where you are basically sitting on nothing, but stay afloat by moving your hands. I can do it for a little bit, but always end up sinking. I think I will end up getting it though, thank you Cherry and Catty. I spoke to Sammy before dinner. It was nice to speak with her after so long. After dinner, I had a nice lecture of maya-mopan with Pablo, the night guard. He gave me this thing that people used as something to drink from. I was basically writing down common words and sentences. I am going to try to put one more into my vocabulary every day.  For now – bel in ca a ti wol yil (I am going to sleep). Lesson of the day – practice will get you to it (both successful AI and swimming in my case for today).

Oh yeah, and I forgot to say yesterday that I have had many people like the ATM tour guide ask me if I am Belizean. Apparently I have traits from here and a common name. When I bought the tennis, the man asked me if I am from India. He said that I have Indian characteristics and the nose diamond brings them out even more. Hmmm – interesting.


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