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June 23

August 11, 2011

We started off with lecture this morning. After about three hours of lecture, we got the chance to use a blow gun. What you basically do is put the sedative in one of the chambers of the shot and air pressure in the back chamber. When the animal is hit by the shot, the covering over the needle is pushed by the skin, letting loose the air pressure, therefore releasing the sedative. We used Dr. Isabelle’s blow gun. It cost her around 750 Euros. I was not expecting to hear that large price. Anyway, you put the “dart” in one end and blow out hard to get it to travel through the tube. The longer the tube, the faster and the farther the shot goes. We were shooting at a cardboard box. I was no good at it. Chelsea was having fun with it though. While we all talked she was shooting it non-stop. We went into town for lunch. After that, we went to Sacred Heart to suture up some chickens again. We weren’t there long though, since our group had gone in to do it with the last group when it was their turn. We are such nerds. Only vet nerds could get a smile on their faces from suturing kitchen chicken ;). While here at the lodge, a man came by to sell some souvenirs. I got some shopping done with him. The girls bought some rum at the Chinese Store today so they had a few drinks after dinner. I’m just happy that they seem to like the taste of alcohol, but don’t get drunk. They just have a drink or two. J I’ve been working on one of my presentations for the most part today. I think I have all the information I need. Now I just need to fix it up. We might go zip lining this weekend. We’ll see.


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