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June 17

August 11, 2011

– I woke up at a quarter to 5 today. I had to finish writing my journals to turn in to Dr. Eduardo. I also had to continue studying for our final exam. Both the presentation and the exam went by pretty fast. We returned to the lodge just to grab a bite to eat and grab the things we had packed for the Sataneja trip. Some girls had to stay behind. Five of the eight girls from the wildlife group woke up feeling terrible. Roxanne, Jennifer, and Catelynn were up throwing up all night. Katherine and Ali had a loose stomach. The folks from ISIS Belize got a sample from each girl. They all had amoebas. They were given some strong meds that allowed two of the girls to continue on the trip. Cora and Delayna left the girls their movies to watch over the weekend. Then we were off to Sartaneja. Although it was a total of five hours, the time went by fast for me. I was reading all the way here. In Sartaneja we will be doing a spay and neuter clinic this weekend. We are staying the nights with local families. They provide our meals too. As soon as we heard there would be a group of three girls in one of the houses, Cora, Delayna, and I immediately volunteered. We are staying at the Trejo home. They have many kids running around the place and a 6 month old grandson. The first floor of the building is their pharmacy and kitchen. The second floor is the living area. Cora and I are in one room. Delayna is in the room next to us. There is a photograph of a quinceanera in the living room. Cora was excited to see a TV set in the living room. It has been two weeks without one. J For dinner, I was expecting to sit down and eat with the whole family. The table was set for only us three though. We had beans, eggs, and biscuits. After dinner we sprayed on the off like there is no tomorrow. The mosquitoes were eating us alive. We met back at the clinic (a block away) at 7:30. We went for a soft drink at a local restaurant that was more of a hut. After this, we went to go see the ocean. A 5 minute walk and we could touch the water with our toes. Of course, we didn’t because it was already dark. We went to the pier where we spotted a manatee. I liked listening to the water. To sleep, we have a mosquito net over our beds. Cherry got stuck sharing a room with Katherine, she was not happy – lol. It’s raining outside. Lesson of the day – I can live without air conditioner, haha J.


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