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June 18

August 11, 2011

We had a huge thunderstorm last night. Lightning would create a cloudy day in the middle of the night. We woke up to the “reganos” of roosters early in the morning. The spay and neuter clinic was in our near future. We were all out of wack, not like in the rhythm we had been at Belmopan. While we were in what can be considered the “waiting porch”, Katherine lost the handle of one of the patients. She took off to look for her without a leash. Cherry and Caitlin followed her with leashes in hand. They ended up coming back empty handed, to wait until the dog got back home then stop by to pick her up there. The surgeries were a lot more sanitary than at San Ignacio. The zip ties in one of the dogs cracked while the uterus was being put into the body which caused the uterus to puncture. Luna began bleeding through the vulva and after several hours, she bled through the incision as well. Anyway, by like 2pm, Cora, Dr. Kirsten, and I had had enough of standing around. We slipped out of the clinic and walked towards the ocean. Cora is a water creature. She lit up the moment she set eyes on the water. “Look over there, where the boat is, with those clouds on top. And the colors! The different shades of blue!” If you take a good look at her and a good look at the sea, they are a perfect match. Her eyes with the water, her pale skin and medium dark blonde hair are shells. No wonder she wants to be an aquatic animal vet. Dr. Kirsten was urging to jump into the water and while we were at the pier (the walkway of this pier was all slanted purposely in all directions which made it somewhat difficult to walk on) she said her rational for leaving the clinic is that there were enough people at the clinic to help plus 3 veterinarians who work with small animals, while she is a large animal vet. After a while, she went back to the clinic, leaving Cora and I at the pier. We left the pier to go on some swings by the ocean side. Mine was too long so I threw it over the bar to shorten it. It became so high, but it was okay. Cora was on a royal blue tire swing. When we arrived back at the clinic I couldn’t remove that glorious blue/ green image of the ocean from my mind. Yesterday Delayna asked me what animal I would like to be if I were one. I answered a bird. I’ve always wanted to fly with a passion you can’t understand. Today, as I read the waves of the ocean as if they were pages from a book, I wanted it so much more. I wanted those wings to reach where I never will. When I get back home, I’m going to miss the delicious air I can indulge with here in Belize. Anyway, we got back to the clinic just as everyone was finishing off. We just had to monitor the animals during recovery, Cherry still holding on to that adorable kitten. Dr. Kirsten asked me to go with her to drive home one of the patients. She doesn’t speak Spanish. This was the first time I have had to give some sort of diagnosis to patient owners, and the diagnosis is cancer. We also had to ask the family to sell us gasoline. My wording went like this, “Debe de hablar con Manissa manana. Su mascota tine cancer y require tratamineto. Vende gasoline?” The man buys the gas at Belize City and transports it to his house in an industrial truck. He then puts it in barrels in his back yard. From the barrels he takes it out in buckets that have a funnel welded on to it which is what he uses to put it into the vehicles. Two buckets were $100 BZ – $12 BZ per gallon. The tank didn’t get full. It costs $300 BZ for the tank to fill. Anyway, we went to the beach as a group after that. Dr. Kirsten wanted me to go in and swim. I didn’t go in. It was weird. You don’t really see any sand. It’s more just broken and whole shells that you see. There were big blue crabs on the side of the road that ran away as soon as you spotted them. The waters were murky where we were so we hoped back in the can and drove to another beach. Dr. Kirsten and some of the girls decided they would swim to the next beach. I was impressed; they made it. After some time at the pier, we went to a restaurant by the ocean. We didn’t get anything here, but Delayna and Cora were urging to get a beer. We walked to a nearby bar where they each bought a Lighthouse Beer. When we got back to the restaurant, Dr. Eduardo asked them if they liked the local beer, then said we should try the Belikin beer. He told Cora and me he still owed us one for our birthday. He asked for three more. I drank about a third of it only. So did Delayna from hers. We took it with us and before arriving and the Trejo home, we dumped its contents out. Cora finished hers. After dinner, we all met at the same restaurant again. We walked to the pier and spotted another manatee. I seriously don’t get as excited about them as some of these girls do. We went back to the restaurant where we met with Dr. Kirsten. Her words were already sounding a little slurred. That was pretty funny. Dr. Eduardo said we could ask for whatever we wanted, it would be on him. Delayna, Cora, and I left to get some sleep instead. Apart from some boring hours at the clinic (I wasn’t doing much at the clinic) this was a very eventful day. I have to get a group picture of the first session large animal group with Dr. Kirsten and Dr. Eduardo tomorrow. I’m going to miss them all when we head back home. Weird, while we were at the clinic today, Dr. Kirsten accidentally referred to the lodge as home; I don’t think she even noticed. I heard Dr. Eduardo is having a cookout before he goes on vacation and we are all invited. We are going to eat the goat we didn’t vaccinate last week. I like the bunch. Lesson of the day, sleep is essential.


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