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June 21

August 11, 2011

We went bird watching early this morning. It was sprinkling, but not too bad. As we were out in the act, it began raining harder. We had to stop, but not before we got the chance to see two different species of toucans and a black bellied whistling suck (Dr. Kirsten was amazed that they actually exist). We saw a number of other species too, but none that left an impression on me like those. We had lecture this morning again. At 12:15ish, we went into town for lunch. I really want something light to eat. It seems like everything I eat here is so heavy. I am starting to miss home food, even lazy food, because it is a lot lighter. I just go for a burrito. It was very good. We had lunch fairly fast, and then hurried to “The Iguana Project”. Here we were shown some plants that when mixed with rubbing alcohol and marijuana, help joint pain. Apparently, it is also a drug that people use as, well, a drug. As we walk nearer to the iguanas, we reach a termite nest. The guide pokes a stick into the nest. It comes out full with the crawling bugs. He asks us if we want to eat one. We each eat one. We each get “a different flavor”. Mine tastes like leaves. We reach the iguanas, get a brief lecture from the guide first, and enter the adults’ cage. We met Roxy and Gomez. They are the lead of the pack. Roxy is a bright green color, absolutely beautiful. Gomez is green with orange over it. He is broader and you can tell his tail has fallen off before. You can also differentiate gender by these little circles they have on the underside of their legs. The males have them larger than the females. We each get a chance to hold Roxy and feed her a piece of lettuce. We exit the adults’ cage and enter the babies’ cage. It is swarming with little green lizards that shoot from one end of the cage to the other in a matter of seconds. Without warning, the guide chases them, catches them, and begins throwing them at our heads. Not far, we are near so the animals don’t get hurt, just enough to make us alert (as if we weren’t already). The creatures hang on to our heads with true strength. Some decide to jump off; others decide a head is a comfy place to stay at. Some even begin to doze off. We take pictures like crazy. I don’t even notice and the guide starts putting iguana after iguana on my head. Before I know it, Delayna is counting them on my head. I have 5 on me total. What the heck, why not more right? Cora and the guide put more on me. I get up to 9 baby iguanas on my head at onceJ. The pictures are priceless. I got several funny gestures from the other girls while the animals are crawling all on them. One was hiding in Delayna’s pony tail so all you could see was the tip of the tail hanging from the bottom of the pony tail, almost like a strange extension. This Saturday, we are going to give them baths and identify the gender of each. They have about 200 baby iguanas in this cage. Our day ends at about 3pm and I am very satisfied with a smile on my face. If only we would have been able to get in the pool after such a hot day. They shocked it so we have to wait until tomorrow to be able to get into it. Still, I find that I am now accustomed to the weather here. I have been wearing jeans for like 3 days in a row now and haven’t been suffocating. I don’t feel the humidity so bad anymore either. I even wore a long sleeve yesterday and a light sweater this morning and felt just fine. Oh, and after the iguanas, we went to Sweet Ting. I was eyeing that milk so much. I drank a pint of chocolate milk and enjoyed it so much. It has been about a week and half without milk and it was the greatest thing I have drank.

I don’t remember when but last week Cora and I raced from the dining room to our room. It was fun. She really misses her brothers, and her brothers miss her too.


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