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June 22

August 11, 2011

First thing today, we went to the Baboon Sanctuary. Dr. Isabelle had told us yesterday to keep away from the monkeys because although they can be very cute, they can also take nice big bites out of you. While at the sanctuary, our guide Robert introduced us to some of the flora and fauna species in the area. He told us about this one leaf that works as a pregnancy test, turning yellow if there is a pregnancy. He told us about leafs that can be used as household remedies and leaves we can eat. As we walked on by, there was this one long and thick stick that looked as if it would be heavy, but apparently it was hollow. Robert broke it in half. The molasses looking liquid inside it smelled terrible. He poured some on Delayna’s hand for her to taste. She said it tasted like chocolate, not like it smelled. We all tasted some too, and she was right. While it smelled terrible, it didn’t taste so bad. Too bad the bad smell is going to stay on her hand for several days. Robert also showed us how you can improvise when you need a quick stitch. He stomped on the ground and these huge ants came out of the ground. He picked one up and let it bite into Delayna’s shirt. He then yanked everything off except the head. She walked around with a big ant head as a stitch on her shirt for several hours. When we finally reached the howler monkeys I was so excited. Just looking at them jumping around in the trees was a treat enough for me. But then Robert took out a banana. He had us one by one stand next to a tree branch and hold on to a piece of banana. I had two monkeys on me. Their hands felt so rubbery, and they would grab at you when you ran out, asking for more. It was such a trip. They put on a show too. The monkeys decided to stop sleeping and come jump around us. It was so much fun. After the Baboon Sanctuary we went to an avian rescue center. We were given the opportunity to catch some wild parrots if we pleased. I caught a baby parrot and gave it a physical examination. I felt like I could crush the little bugger in a second if I squished too hard. When we moved on to a larger aviary, Dr. Isabelle was the first to catch one of the larger parrots with the towel as an example of how we should do it. She got bit and it looked painful. I took a picture of it. When I went to go catch one, I surprisingly managed to not get bit, but then again the bird I caught was much nicer than the one Dr. Isabelle caught. I had such a great time today. Lesson of the day, hold on to a bird head to prevent a bite.


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