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June 24

August 11, 2011

So we got started a bit earlier than planned. Dr. Isabelle got a call last night from a rescue center that had received an owl whose wing had been purposely broken by some kids. The bone was sticking out of the wing. He looked terrible, wouldn’t even put up a fight when Dr. Isabelle went to go get him (and that is saying something). Dr. Isabelle said we could do surgery on him, but that there would be a high risk that he would die just from the anesthesia. We prepared everything here at the lodge for surgery. He received 10 cc’s of fluid, antibiotic, Xylozine and Ketamine, some local anesthetic, and we had drawn up the dosage of this one very interesting medication in case the owl went into respiratory arrest (he didn’t). Those were a lot of shots. Soon into the surgery, he began moving a little bit. This was both good and bad. We liked that there was some life in him, but a second dosage of anesthesia never works as well as the first. Dr. Isabelle was having trouble putting the pin inside the bone. The pin was too thick. She was happy when she found a smaller one. When Bart came into the dining room and found we had turned his dining room into an ER room, you could tell he was not happy. He didn’t say anything though.  I’m going to skip forward here a little – Dr. Isabelle got a call this afternoon. The owl is now standing up and is doing much better. He is a trouper. Back to normal time. We thought we had gotten lucky with lecture (not having to do it after all). That wasn’t an option. We were in lecture for an hour until Dr. Isabelle was hungry. We had Chinese for lunch. I had noodles.  After lunch we went poop hunting (wanted fecal samples in prettier words). It was interesting walking through parks picking up dog poop and locals looking at us like what are you doing? Dr. Isabelle is a parasitologist so she does fecal examples all the time. While walking she said, “I got my PhD from this shit”. That was so funny. Another funny quote came from Cora – “I got poop in my pocket”. These girls, seriously. We went to the lab at Sacred Heart to look at the samples under the microscope. Four out of six samples had parasites in them. We were finished fairly early with that. After fecal samples we came back to the lodge where Cora started walking on her knees – interesting to watch. We finally decided on doing zip lining this Sunday. That will be something. I am going to semi-freak in the van on the way there and will completely freak when we get there. I’m doing it though, no matter what. Well I won’t if I’m going to die, but I don’t think that will happen. Anyway, we also decided on going out for dinner tonight, along with a night out with the girls. I put on a dress and managed to somewhat curl my hair in this humidity. I tried to convince Cora to wear a dress as well. She felt too uncomfortable and changed into her clothes instead, still looking fantabulous. We went to Hode’s for dinner. During dinner the girls each had a drink. When they were all finished, we went to the playground. There was a see-saw! That was so much fun! We got on the see-saw, on the swings, on this one ball swing. After some laughs there we walked to Maluche’s. This place is in front of Sacred Heart. It’s a bar outdoors with music right next to the graveyard. Some of the girls wanted to go walking into the graveyard. I think that could be fun with the whole group and teachers if we go in to tell scary stories or something. Anyway, at the bar Roxanne bought an AMF shot for everyone.  After a few disgruntled looks to the girls, I drank it with a nasty funny face at the end of it. That was all I was going to have. Oh, but I heard a few cumbia songs in between the local music and I wanted to dance so bad. Delayna went to dance with me and then Chelsea followed because she wanted to learn too. The three of us danced alone there for a bit, but soon enough, the girls all joined in. We had a blast. Oh, and while we were there, Delayna and Cora shared a Horney Monkey. It’s a drink, the name is just so funky that I had to mention it. When we wanted to go back to the lodge, we called Daniella (the taxi driver) with Dr. Kirsten’s phone (she had left it with us) so she could pick us up. There was no answer so some girls were thinking we could all walk back together since we were a group of 12. Dr. T was there and went to go talk to the owner of the place who turned out to be our waiter from Hode’s. He gave us a ride back to the lodge on the back of his pick-up truck which was a lot of fun in these bumpy roads. We ended up getting back to the lodge at around 1:15ish. Lesson of the day –girls always have a back-up ;).

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